Diffusion timing

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Today let’s talk about time control in diffusion. Minimum control is 25usec. Each loop has an abbreviation, which is rr, rg, rs from the smallest. The number of loops is rr = 16, rg = 16, rs = 4, and the numbers that are really suitable for digital control are lined up. The color range is called rp and is 3 colors plus off. So, the maximum resolution is 4H1024, its about 180 million! It drives the LED in 25msec and becomes a color. The important point is which loop controls what color element, but let’s keep that as a corporate secret.

The relationship between brightness and control frequency is also important. The higher the frequency, the smaller the flicker, but the more difficult it is to adjust the brightness. The skill of the lighting designer is measured by what to do with this adjustment point.

Let’s carry over the story of power consumption next.