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Regularity named random

It is quite difficult to make random numbers with a one-chip computer. I added a new function called random hue, but I didn’t like the random numbers used at that time. I think the LFSR is good for circulation, but the problem is the seeds.  I will list some methods and comment.

  • Uninitialized memory area … It looks like an irregular value, but it’s actually the same for each chip.
  • Free run timer … This is also described as “indefinite value” in the manual, but it is not. When it’s time to record SCORE, it can be used as a seed because communication is a daisy chain.
  • Analog conversion … Anyway, AD conversion is used because it is inaccurate. Still, if measure the chip temperature, it as a seed to some extent. If the temperature is different, the value will change.

Eventually all adopted. If it is 24-bit circulation, seems is 3 bytes, so combine different methods.It’s a secret information, if the first bank you started up with a random hue, the temperature will appear as a green color.