The misaligned sync

It’s great that multiple units are in sync. Furthermore, if it is not simultaneous but a little off, the effect will be even more wonderful. However, it is necessary to consider a little depending on the time to shift.

Shift in a shorter time than the sync code

This is the main shift method. When the value of the DLY command is less than 100. Since it can be controlled every cycle time of diffusion control, it is not free at all. Well that would be enough. Since it is delayed every time at the time of sinking, it is possible not to delay it.

When to shift more

Shifting across sync codes is a bit difficult. I’m trying to sync, but I can’t. It means that the sink operation is a one-time break, but if take a break once, it will shift forever. If the value of the DLY command is set to 100 or more, the sync command is invalidated every 100. Since it shifts every time, it is specified only once at the beginning. Of course, it is different from a short shift, so once it has been shifted, it cannot be undone.