waste of memory

The hue table is an interesting attempt, but it’s subtle whether it’s really effective. Diffusion control consists of a single-color table, and the order in which they are arranged must be determined. If you arrange 3 colors, all the hues will be covered. However, when the hue moves, the color effect differs depending on the arrangement.

  • normal (3) … R-G-B, G-B-R, B-R-G
  • similar (2) … R-G-R, B-R-B, G-B-G
  • invert (1) … B-G-R, G-R-B, R-B-G
  • similar invert (0) … R-B-R,G-R-G,B-G-B

If there are several orders in the same table, specify by the hue offset. Similar is for random hues, and when used with LUNE, the opposite slope can be used, so the hues move closer and further apart. Only this and the brightness control require a table for diffusion control.

I changed the specifications of LUNE a little. Until now, it was changed in units of the first hue, but like CIEL, it is now controlled in bit position. I’m worried about the slight deviation on the way, but I chose a direction that changes more smoothly. There is no visible difference between them, so this may be a relief.