Aim for smooth changes

Describes two special effects used when the color changes. High-end control always strives for smooth change. The other day,I was convinced that the new Visual Studio 2022 startup screen gradually appeared.


When operating the voice console, a motor was used to reproduce the memorized volume movements. That is the origin. With this effect, the three parameters of hue, saturation, and lightness all move smoothly toward the desired value at the same time. Since the speeds of change are the same, it takes a long time to make large changes. However, it will settle down after a few seconds. If a new color is decided in a situation where the change has not ended, the color in the middle position will move to the new color.


There are times when you want to clearly show that the color has changed. In such a case, it is achieved by turning off the lights. When a new color is decided, first slowly reduce the brightness of the old color, wait for a while after it disappears, and then increase the brightness of the new color. You see, your eyes will have noticed and you’ll see the change.