kasane no irome

I was thinking of writing my impressions in four seasons, but I felt that it was not effective as light. It was not a waste to reproduce the old colors one by one, and it made me think about some things.

  • There are hues that work effectively and hues that do not. There are also situations where the hue is different by increasing the saturation.
  • Hue accuracy will be practical enough as it is.
List some added features.
  • Revised the specifications for blinking Lune. If the Lune continues, the phase will be inherited, but if it is left as it is, a sudden change in brightness will appear. Therefore, I decided to make the blinking wait until the maximum brightness phase.
  • Enabled to set MOTOR speed and BANK speed to addresses FC and FD when SCORE is not used.
  • Enabled to use BANK UP in addition to specifying BANK number in SCORE.
  • Configuration change of invert similar. Made it an exclusive color for similar.