Let’s reproduce the Ostwald color system

I noticed while reading a color reference book. I’m doing the same thing as Mr. Ostwald.

Although the hues are different, the situation where white and black are rotated and mixed to change the color is exactly the same. It’s amazing that he noticed it 100 years ago.

If there are various hue numbers, it will be confusing, so do not change them, but Saturation increases linearly, Value increases logarithmic. Since the brightness does not increase even in white in the diffusion control, the saturation changes linearly.

Since the change accuracy is higher in the diffusion control, all the alphabets are used without thinning out. Named “Diffusion Color System” and supported by remote101. About 130,000 colors can be defined.

0aa  ->  pure red
0sa  ->  pink
0am  ->  dark red
60dk ->  Young leaf color

Be careful because there is a hue table, so the hue shifts. When using it in a color system, use R-G-B-R as the default. cheers!