New Color System

The new color system was decided as follows.

Improved Ostwald color system
  • Hue is a number of 24 colors in which selected so that the hues are evenly spaced.
  • Saturation is indicated by the first 26 letters of the alphabet, and is linearly changed with respect to gradation.
  • Value is indicated by the second 26 letters of the alphabet, and logarithmic change with respect to gradation.
  • Ex)8cf … hue:51 (1.01) saturation:92.2%(1.25) value:50.0%(1.00)
Modified Moon-Spencer Color Harmony
  • In terms of hue, harmony within the identity ±1, similarity 7-12, and contrast 28 or more.
  • In terms of Saturation, harmony within the identity ±1, and similarity 7-13 and contrast 30 or more.
  • In terms of Value, harmony with a similarity 10-20 and a contrast 40 or more.
  • Inconsistent “ambiguous” color schemes are also effective.

Many people may think it inappropriate to Aesthetic measure.
However, this statistically based method is the same method as the latest AI, so I think it is actually very effective.

As Mrs. Moon based the Munsell color system, harmony requires the Saturation and Value of the Hues themselves. It becomes identical to what Mansell called ”Chroma”. This can be calculated from mixing color ratio and mixing white ratio. And the method is simple, just add up. Hue differences should also be corrected with wavelength of light.